AI Business Growth Accelerator

We fast-track years of business growth into months
at a fraction of costs
with AI growth infrastructures.

Maivenly turns your ambitious growth aspirations into reality by leveraging AI as your scaling catalyst.
Our proprietary AI adoption frameworks & AI growth infrastructures accelerate business growth, overcome scaling barriers, and enable your business to achieve its full potential - without the proportional increase in costs.

Is your business' growth capped by these ceilings?

If you're nodding your head, you're not alone.

So many service businesses find themselves trapped in this capacity catch-22.

You know you need to scale to take on more clients and increase your impact, but you're already stretched to the limit.
The thought of expanding feels impossible when you're barely keeping up with the demands of your current business.
But staying stuck at this level means missing out on huge growth opportunities and watching competitors pass you by.

It's a frustrating and exhausting place to be.

But what if there was a way to scale your business without working yourself into the ground or sacrificing profitability?

This is where AI comes in to
deliver result like this ...

AI designed to seriously scale sustainably

AI-Powered Growth Infrastuctures That  
Your Bottom Line Will Love

At Maivenly, we believe that scaling your service business shouldn't come at the cost of your sanity, profitability, or quality. We've seen too many companies struggle with the traditional approach of simply adding more people and processes, only to find themselves stuck in a cycle of increasing overhead and diminishing returns.

That's why we've developed a smarter, more sustainable way to grow - by harnessing the power of AI.

We deploy end to end AI powered infrastuctures that fulfil your growth objectives end to end guided by frameworks are designed to help service businesses like yours break through capacity barriers and achieve your ambitions without the usual scaling pitfalls.



Establish a solid grounding in AI fundamentals, terminology, and potential use cases. Empower your team with the knowledge and confidence to identify and pursue AI opportunities.



Assess your organization's unique AI potential and prioritize high-impact initiatives. Develop a customized AI adoption roadmap aligned with your business goals and resources.



Validate AI solutions through controlled pilots and proof-of-concept projects. Gather real-world data and insights to refine your approach and build internal buy-in.



Implement validated AI solutions into your core operations and workflows. Ensure seamless integration with existing systems and processes for maximum impact and efficiency.



We know what works so we add gas to it. Continuously optimize and scale successful applications to drive long-term growth and competitive advantage.

You will journey through the
5 pillars to AI success in any of the accelerators you choose.

how we're different

Meeting you where you are at, taking you where you want to go.

At Maivenly, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions or AI hype.

We believe in empowering businesses with infrastructures that enable them to achieve their growth objectives end to end complimented with the education, tools & training so they are able to succeed beyond our engagement.

That's why we've designed a suite of AI Business Growth Accelerators to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

Dip your toes in or go all in day one, we are here for it all!

01 / Jumpstart:
Foundations To Grow Accelerator

Perfect for teams exploring AI capabilities interested in speed & impactful results with light touch support to establish a solid foundation.

A light touch 2 month Done-With-You learning & implementation experience to give you foundations and big, quick wins & set you up for serious scaling.

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02 / CLEAR : Solve ONE burning growth challenge end to end.

Ideal for businesses looking for intensive, end to end solution to a scaling objective while also building the internal skills & capacity they need to independently thrive beyond our engagement.

A hands-on, intensive & immersive 3-month program designed to transform one key growth challenge with an end to end AI infrastucture  eg client acquisition.
We ensure that you not only achieve your immediate scaling goals but also develop the in-house expertise and capabilities to sustain and expand your AI initiatives long after our engagement ends.

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03 / MAIVEN : The In-house Growth Partner For The Ambitious Business   

Designed for ambitious businesses who don't need any convincing that AI powered growth is their unfair advantage.

This is a partnership offer where we share successes together.
We become your AI growth team & transform all growth functions while we additionally supporting a  longer term strategic play with fractional Chief AI Officer advisory, change management, upskilling, hiring & what is needed to transform yur business into an AI powered industry Maiven.

By application & rigourous selection - only 6 clients per year.

Let's Talk
about maivenly

Hi, I'm Sara Davison,
founder of Maivenly

My mission to help businesses scale sustainably and profitably with AI is deeply rooted in my own family's story – and in my commitment to driving real, measurable results.

Growing up, I watched my family pour their hearts into building successful businesses, only to see them crumble under the weight of rapid growth. The stress of scaling strained relationships, sacrificed profitability, and ultimately led to bankruptcy. It was heartbreaking to witness, and it left a lasting impact on me.

When I started my own entrepreneurial journey, I knew I wanted to do things differently. I was determined to find a way to scale that didn't come at the cost of everything that mattered most.

That's when I discovered the power of AI.

As I navigated the challenges of scaling my own startup, I saw firsthand how AI could drive exponential growth and efficiency, without the typical tradeoffs.
But I also realized that adopting AI wasn't just about theory and slide decks – it was about rolling up your sleeves and making it happen.

Through my own successes and failures, experience in working with clients on their AI adoption with AI automation, workflows, and more  I discovered that businesses don't need fragmented solutions to a wider problems - they need end to end infrastructure that solves one large business objective.

So, in a world of abstract concepts - what sets Maivenly apart is our unwavering focus on implementation and results.

We don't just deliver strategies and walk away.
We're in the trenches with you, guiding you through every stage of your AI journey so you can leverage AI to scale your business.

Our hands-on approach ensures that you're not just learning about AI, but actually leveraging it to drive your business forward.

We're not satisfied until you're seeing the tangible benefits of AI in your bottom line.

At Maivenly, we believe that sustainable, profitable growth is possible with AI – but it takes more than just a roadmap.
It takes a partner who is committed to your success, who understands the realities of scaling a business, and who knows how to turn AI potential into business results.

You love the sound of this

But you might have questions ...

This is new.
You have questions.
We understand.

how we work

Whether you're testing the waters or going all in on AI, we're here to support every step of your AI adoption journey.

At Maivenly, we see AI more than just a tool - it is the catalyst for your business transformation.

We're commited to unlocking your business's full potential, revolutionizing your operations, powering up your people and propelling you to an AI driven future at the pace & scale that is unique to your needs & aspirations.

Start small or go big, we are here for it all.


AI Consultation

Discovery Consultation & Workshop

We get  to know your business, understand your challenges, goals & current processes to identify where AI can have the biggest impact.


AI Opportunity Assessment & Strategy

AI Opportunity Analysis & Strategy Development

We identify opportunities for AI integration depending on your needs. From education & training, to operationalizing AI or automations, we develop a roadmap tailored to you.


Implementing AI solutions

AI Implementation

We start with implementing
the first item in your AI adoption roadmap working closely with your teams.


Education & training

Training & Standardizing

We educate & train your staff while creating standardized operational procedures, material & content to ensure AI is operationalized seemlessly across your teams.




We use data & our knowledge of the latest in the AI landscape to optimize & improve on your existing AI operations.


Embedding AI into further workflows

Helping you become an AI powered business.

With the proven success of our first AI project, we move into embedding AI across other workflows so the benefits can compound.

wondering what It's like to work together?

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Maivenly's founder, Sara Davison, is an experienced speaker & excels at translating complex technology solutions into easy to understand concepts whether for an executive audience or a network of small local businesses.

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AI isn’t only for large multinational corporations.
We make this advanced technology accessible & beneficial to service based businesses helping you harness AI to reduce costs & power up your bottom line.

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